Serro surmonts with meritorious new album “KUWE”

Kenya’s growing female sensation SERRO hits a career milestone with the release of her first album – Kuwe. A Zulu word translating to “For You”, Kuwe comes 4 years after the singer debuted her single Rongai (2016). In the 14-track album, Serro not only displays her vocal growth but also vulnerability by sharing her journey through music and life.

Written in blends of six languages: Luo, Kikuyu, Giriama, Swahili, Zulu, and English, Kuwe holds ballads, serenades, songs of thanks, and the misgivings of love and life. Serro flaunts her musical diverse musicality in the album with fusions of neo-soul in Aheri, Okello, Kuwe, Asante, Reggae in Hey Baby, Benga sounds in Kasyoki, Pop in Ya Dunia, Niiuradukania, Salsa in Mtumwa and jazzy elements in Rongai.

About the album, Serro says, “I hope that my listeners connect with the music because I believe we’ve all gone through an experience or two that I shared in the album. On the timeliness of the release, she adds, “I think this would be a good playlist to ponder upon, now that we have more time to connect with ourselves and others during the lockdown.”

From the album art to lyrics, Serro is paradoxically seen as fierce yet calm, playful yet mature and graceful through her ups and downs. In Aheri, she tells a story of love turning sour and eventually betrayal, resentment, and regret in love set in Rongai, Mtumwa, and Hey Baby. Serro takes us back to her long lost love in Okello and shares the beauty of a mother’s love in Mama and Niind. The transition of love and relationships from newness and admiration in Kasyoki to deep infatuation in Niiuradukania, to progress in a relationship in Ahiko is visible.

Kuwe was co-composed and produced by Mutoriah – a gifted producer and musician in his own right who has collaborated a lot with Serro in her projects. “I really enjoyed working with Serro, she’s musical, experimental, and pushes boundaries. Her open-mindedness makes her easy to work with. Her talent and musical ear also make the process exciting. Our souls are on the same frequency, I love it!” says Mutoriah, sharing on Kuwe’s creative process.

For the past 4 years, Serro has been releasing singles that continue to grow her fandom and attention from different stakeholders in the entertainment industry. Through her electric live performances, she continuously woos Kenya as a top performer. Kuwe’s release marks the beginning of the next phase of her career, which includes an ambitious regional takeover.

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