Rising Rapper Saudi Chronicles Young Life in “Make You Proud”

South Africa’s trap rapper, Anele Mbisha known as Saudi has dropped his latest single titled “Make You Proud”.
“Make You Proud” is a heartfelt lyrics the chronicle of his life as young boy and how he constantly disappointed his family who looked up to him to be better

The 21yr old recorded his first song on an electronic keyboard at the tender age of 13. As Saudi’s musical skills developed, he created a fresh and unique sound in the efforts to define his style of music, naming it “Japan Four’. This sound is a mixture of R&B, Trap music and alternative Afro sounds. It’s the fusion of these unconventional musical elements and contemporary sounds and the edition of ad-libs to the rhythm that compliment and complete beats.

It was in 2011 during his high school years, when Saudi officially took a step and joined forces with other young rappers. The crew was known as “O.V.L.O.E”, an acronym for Ozmuzik Victory Lane Over Everything. The collective assisted in building his skill as a rapper and beat maker.

Check out the new single :

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