Revisiting Tyga’s Financial Woes after Ex – Blac Chyna calls him ‘Kinda Cheap’

Tyga is in trouble with the repo man, once again.

The rapper’s Ferrari was reportedly repossessed on Tuesday (Aug. 30) while T-Raww and his girlfriend Kylie Jenner were shopping for a Bentley.

While they browsed new rides, a repo rep arrived and drove the car off using a spare key. When they discovered that the Ferrari was gone, one of Tyga’s friends gave the famous couple a ride back home.

The exotic red whip was repossessed because the ‘Rack city’ rapper “missed a couple of his lease payments.”

Last year, T-Raww purchased a Ferrari for Jenner’s birthday. Earlier this month, he reportedly copped a new Maybach for Jenner.

But this isn’t the first time Tyga has faced similar car troubles. In April, TMZ reported that he was over $400,000 in the hole for a Lamborghini Aventador. In February, the rapper’s Bentley Mulsanne was also repossessed.

His financial woes don’t stop there. Tyga also recently settled a lawsuit with his former landlord for $480,000 in unpaid rent and damages on a Malibu home.

Interestingly, Blac Chyna said her financially strapped ex-fiancé Tyga is “kinda cheap.”

The reality star revealed she was paid a measly $2,500 to star in the video for his hit song “Rack City” in a recent interview with Elle magazine.

“I should’ve gotten more,” Chyna, 28, quipped.

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