Rema To Kenyan Artists: Support Each Other To Be Successful

The secret to Nigerian artists’ success and ability to penetrate almost every market in the world is unity and aggressiveness, singer Rema shared.


Rema, who landed in the country early this week for the highly anticipated MNE FEST scheduled for Saturday, May 7, said in a press conference that Kenyan artists need to push harder in order to match the success of their counterparts.

Rema in Kenya

He believes this aggressive mentality is the key reason Nigerian artists are popular.

“We travel far away from home just to make sure we unlock a different territory to pass our message, you feel me,” he said.

Rema further asked artists to always focus on building each other instead of tearing each other apart.


“I feel like a lot of artists pay too much attention to fan-based and rivalry.  So some artists don’t actually wanna work together not because they are not good but because of their fans,” he said.

“We should look past that spend more time together understand our different mind spaces and just keep working together and just know you know always it is about.

Singer Karun

The singer also believes Kenyan artists are underappreciated. He gave Karun as an example saying she’s very talented and would love to work with her.

 “I feel like she is super talented and I feel like the whole world needs to hear her voice. The whole world needs to hear her story,” he said.

“Her vibe is different I’ve never heard such type of music before. I feel every frequency, and I told my producer to reach out. I actually wanna work with her. She is special.”

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