Rapper King Kaka Releases New Love Song ‘Kesi’ Featuring Kelechi

Kenyan rapper King Kaka has dropped a new jam dubbed ‘Kesi ‘ featuring Kelechi Africana.

The song cautions men against dating married women as it would result to cases (kesi), which in most instances are messy and noisy.

The duo advice men to stay away from married women in a bid to avoid complicating their lives in future, when they are caught eventually.

“Tusikuwe kama Otile na Vera kwa Insta…Ati tukikosana natoa mapicha… Even though presence yako inachachisha… Curves tu ka daro ya mao… Usifiche kidole nishaona pete Its unfortunate mami you are taken… Wa mtu sumu mke(Oooh nah nah nah) Basi wazo bora itoke(Oooh nah nah nah) Naona ka sio fair(Oooh nah nah nah) Love yangu ikopwe,” the song’s lyrics read in part.

‘Kesi’ has been produce by Ihaji and is the 5th Single from The Servant and The King mixtape.

A few hours after it premiered, the song has managed over 99,000 views on Youtube, an indication that it set to be a big tune.

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