R. Kelly: I am not a monster and don’t hold girls against their will or chain them

R. Kelly spoke to Gayle King recently, this is following his recent court cases over aggravated criminal sexual abuse and the ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ docu-series.

In the first clip, King brings up the singer’s cases that were not acquitted. She says, “Women have come forward and said, ‘R. Kelly had sex with me when I was under the age of 18. R. Kelly was abusive to me, emotionally, physically and verbally. R. Kelly took me into a black room where unspeakable things happened.’ This is what they’re saying about you, these are old rumors.”

The 52-year-old star responds, “Not true, not true. Whether they’re old rumors, new rumors, future rumors, not true.”

Also King brings up a claim made by R. Kelly’s alleged victims. “Correct me if I’m wrong, you’ve never held anybody against their will,” she asks.

“I don’t need to,” the 52-year-old rapper exclaims. “Why would I? How stupid would it be for R. Kelly, with all I have been through in my way, way past to hold somebody, let alone 4, 5, 6, 50, you said, how stupid would I be to do that? That’s stupid guys!”

He continued as he spoke directly in to the camera: “That’s stupid! Use your common sense. Forget how you feel about me. Hate me if you want to, love me if you want, but just use your common sense. How stupid would it be for me, with my crazy past and what I’ve been through…”

He adds, “Oh, right now I just think I need to be a monster and hold girls against their will, chain them up in my basement and don’t let them eat, don’t let them out, unless they need some shoes down the street from their uncle. Stop it.”

“Y’all quit playing. Quit playing! I didn’t do this stuff,” he says, raising his voice and breaking down into tears. “This is not me! I’m fighting for my f—–g life!”

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