Pablo Escobar From ‘Narcos’ Sends A Christmas Message To The Streets Of Madrid

Globally Netflix has made a name for itself for its attention grabbing advertising campaigns – especially when it comes to promoting its original series’.

In Mexico, for example, viewers were treated with the comeback of Soraya Montenegro to promote the much awaited return of Orange is the New Black, similarly the a short clip was released online which saw Jaime Maussan trying to resolve the mystery of Stranger Things.

Now the Ahora, the spotlights is on Madrid, where recently this billboard was unveiled in the Plaza del Sol:

Tweet states: ‘The Netflix advert for Narcos in the Puerta del Sol in Madrid, ‘Oh, white christmas’ it’s sublime.

“Oh, White Christmas” reads the imposing expression of Wagner Moura, the actor who plays Pablo Escobar in the successful original Netflix series, Narcos. Exploiting the innocence of Christmas and using the emblematic square in the capital of Spain, Netflix presents a witty use of language that alludes to to the product that has made him the Don of Drugs, cocaine.

Although the majority of reactions have been positive, it’s undoubtable that Netflix are playing a risky game with the launch of this provocative campaign. For now though, once again job well done Netflix!

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