One Year After, Soundcity Radio Is Still Powered By Music

When this rather unusual but pleasant sound hit our airwaves in the first half of 2021…the question on almost everyone’s lips was…what radio station is that?

Exactly one year since the station commenced programming operations, that question has gradually changed from what it was at the time to “…will they ever stop playing soo much music?…”

Well, believe it or not…the answer has remained the same as the promise to always be; POWERED BY MUSIC! With over 15 years of setting the agenda in African pop culture, Soundcity is now proudly and fully Kenyan and has spent the last year waking up the nation daily to a well delivered great dose of quality radio.

With strong signal and frequencies on 88.5 FM-Nairobi, 95.2 FM-Mombasa, 105.7 FM-Kisumu, 94.2 FM-Nakuru, 101.1 FM-Eldoret and 88.4 FM-Malindi, Soundcity radio has got the nation covered with the best of today’s quality entertainment that can be found on radio.

Following a year of full commercial transmission and continues improvement on their very peculiar and in high demand playlists, the Soundcity Radio Network has fully inspired a youthful demographic across the nation into embracing with great pride, pop music made by Kenyans and their brethren across the continent.

No wonder, today’s truly afropolitan tribe of young and proudly African breeds have found a home on the radio dial with Soundcity all across Kenya. As a social influencer and a compass for today’s big city youths/young adults that hold firmly to a practical and successful life.

The station has kept them in tune with their constantly changing environment. According to the Soundcity Group Head of Radio for Africa, Jonathan James Lyamgohn “…drawing upon our track record, we are happy to say that Kenya has found Soundcity Radio to be a pleasant experience.

We are also proud to have on air the youngest, most vibrant and most professional team of on-air talents that are fast becoming the latest best friends and go-to companions for young Kenyans. This has been consistent with what we have always done and we are focused upon i.e, catering to today’s cosmopolitan African tribe, who are united in their music taste, fashion trends and always sharing digital/ social moments irrespective of whatever city they are based…”

Speaking on the programming of Soundcity Radio Kenya, Station Programs Director, Duncan Musicha says that “…from audience measurement rankings received from IPSOS, we are glad to see that the station has been well received. We believe that our well-crafted day part approach to programming and the connection our presenters share with the audience has been at the heart of this reception amongst Kenyans…”

Soundcity Radio Kenya operates a stretch of mainly music led programs that run across 4 main hour blocks… which include: WHAT’S UP 254, which is hosted by digital media sensation AZZIAD Nasenya, who has proven her mettle in finding a good place on the radio.

She kicks off at 6am every weekday and Saturday where she gives the nation a good tonic that always makes the listener get into a feel good mood via the best curated music, mind teasers to boost general knowledge, some basic tips on finance and resource management as well as lots of interactive components that no doubt makes the morning across Kenya exciting.

The morning is then followed by our Mid-Morning show which we fondly call HABARI SHUFFLE (10am-2pm)…It is our belief that everyone is deserving of a healthy dose of good entertainment that will help get them through the midmorning and all its attendant challenges. Every week day, the lovely encounter at this time has always been with KAE of Africa in her “girl next” door persona.

The Afternoons are peculiar for every city dweller as they remind you of how far you have come from the morning and how your day is now gone past half mark… Soundcity has made it a date over the last year to ensure that the listener is gifted with the show titled THE TAKE OVER (2pm-6pm). This show is power packed and well designed for those who wish to end their work day on a winning streak.

Laced with the best details of what is happening and the leading the news of the day and then unto the latest gossips that have been confirmed or denied. All of these are ofcourse wrapped up in the best music.

The nation’s golf sensation and toast of the moment, Jeremy Wahome is always on air daily and bringing you great energy as he tees off with the nation every afternoon for a great time. To ensure the listener gets home in peace and one piece, our one year of non -stop evening delight has been THE HOME RUN (6pm-10pm) on a daily. This show as well as our delectable RAE of Sunshine has delivered on the promise of its name.

Our own RAE of sunshine (Rae Kiragu) has daily brought to the listener her well of experience as makes the delicate journey home after a long day to be sweet and fun. Rae always ensures that this daily commute is most relaxing and chilled to the listener and the nation at large.

This show is specifically tailored to reward the listener for every moment spent tuned in. All of these programs which are heard live on terrestrial radio are also available via the station’s website at as well as other streaming outlets on respective apps.

According to the station Sales Director, Florence Maina “…our Brookside studios/office has been an exciting place following visits by clients who have taken a chance in engaging with us. We have even been more excited in seeing the impact of their campaigns which aired on station and the attendant positive impact on their businesses.

This has made us to be more excited and better prepared for more business as we connect their brands via their strategic messages, to our ever growing congregation of listeners for the best value delivery…” Soundcity Radio can be reached at its office at Jaflo Court on Brookside Drive, Brookside, Westlands, Nairobi.

The station says all partners are welcomed to visit. The station can also be found via its social media handles @soundcitykenya or via email on for enquiries.

While thanking the people of Kenya, staff and partners, the founder and chairman of Soundcity’s parent company across Africa, Group8 Ltd, Tajuddeen Adepetu says “…we are thankful that Kenya has opened up to Soundcity and happy that the East African Giant is now showing other African nations how we are all truely connected and why the best home for African businesses is in Africa…”

Adepetu further revealed what plans Soundcity has in Kenya “…we are looking forward to investing in the development of Kenyan talents and exposing them to the rest of the continent via our expansive platforms across the continent….” ….Now, you are invited to listen to Soundcity Radio all over Kenya and be ….Powered by Music!

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