No More Faking: Rayvanny Burns House Down During Filming For ‘Authentic shot’

Tanzanian singer Rayvanny wanted a perfect shot for his new music video and he made sure he got it no matter the cost.

Ravyanny during the shoot

The singer has left many in dismay after revealing that he built a house recently so that he can burn it down for his new music video , “I Miss You”, which features Zuchu.

“During filming, it was my dream to make everything as authentic as possible,” he said.

Burnt house seen

“My colleagues thought I was insane when I claimed I was going to build a house and then set it on fire. But we did, and we completely burned it down to make the video shot look authentic.”

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A scene from the shoot

Rayvanny also bragged that the video was the most expensive ever shot in Tanzania, and took close to three months to bring everything to fruition.

Tanzanian artists have been upping their music video game lately spending hundreds of thousands to achieve international standard music videos.

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