New Video: The Weeknd – Secrets

The Weeknd is back with more visuals off his album STARBOY, this time for his song “Secrets.”

The music video, released on Sunday, is laced with luxury and kaleidoscopic moods through a maze-like setting which the singer rocks amongst.

The clip begins with a spoken French intro as a woman dashes in-between a cemented space docked with a red carpet. The video then cuts to another woman in a blue dress hauntingly floating in the air as numerous cloaked men arrive at her floor in elevators.

The song dance-oriented track then kicks off in style, as The Weeknd acts as an almost omniscient force that the first woman runs after. The artist’s video is both haunting and artful, character traits that have made him a point of interests for fans worldwide.

Make sure to check out The Weeknd’s new visuals for “Secrets” below:

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