New Video: Meek Mill – ‘Glow Up’

Meek Mill celebrates his “Glow Up.”

In honor of his 30th birthday, the Philadelphia rapper flew from Miami to the Dominican Republic, filming a music video for his latest single in the process.

Directed by Will Ngo, the fun-filled clip begins with some serious reflections from Mill. “I never thought I’d turn 30,” he says. “When you’re 17, you be like, ‘I wondered what I’m gon’ be like when I’m 30…Matter fact, don’t even think about it. You ain’t turnin’ 30. You’ll probably get killed.’ That’s how I always used to think and now, we’re here. I’m turning 30 on a jet, 30,000 feet in the air.”

Sporting a “Goal Digger” hoodie, Meek poses with friends in front of his jet. He also counts his money, flosses his diamonds, and answers phone calls in the middle of the video.

When he finally arrives in the D.R., he’s greeted by a birthday sign and local musicians, who prompt him to show off his dance moves. From there, he cools out in a pool full of lovely women, living up the big 3-0.

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