Nasty C Reportedly Turned Down A Jay Z Roc Nation Deal

The rapper, who is earning his stripes in the local hip hop scene, is also keen to make it as a global artist.

And that dream doesn’t seem far-fetched, as he has revealed that Roc Nation has shown an interest in working with him.

He recently explained how the whole Jay Z team got hold of him. He said Roc Nation international gave Roc Nation Africa the instruction to get his number and call him.

However, Nasty C explained that Roc Nation would need to bring something special to the table to tempt him to sign a record deal with them.

“I don’t want an average Roc Nation contract. I don’t want a set standard record deal. I want something different. I’ve seen the language they use in contracts and I’ve seen enough people get blindsided so I’m cautious about contracts. Maybe I’ve just got my guard up,” he said.

According to Nasty C, MNE – not Roc Nation will be responsible for distributing his upcoming debut single, Bad Hair, which was released in September.

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