#MeToo: Ashanti Recounts Sexual Harassment Experience With Music Producer

37-year-old singer Ashanti Shequoiya Douglas popularly known as Ashanti has in a recent interview shared her #metoo experience on a SiriusXM podcast, Conversations with Maria Menounos.

The American singer revealed that when she said no to the music producer’s multiple advances including having a shower with him, “all of a sudden the track became $45K.”

She said “I’ve come across a situation where there was a certain producer that, you know, he had his little crush or whatever, but it wasn’t anything new, you know?. And once I said ‘no,’ all of a sudden the track became $45K.”

“It’s funny because he said something like, ‘Well just take a shower with me and let me do this,’” she added.

She also said in the interview that her ‘scary big brothers’ approached the producer and got her an apology, “The way that apology came in, I actually got three records for free!” she said. “And I got two of them mixed and mastered for free also.”

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