Meek Mill wants to fight a Drake for $5m, Nicki Minaj’s Ex wants in too

Apparently, Meek Mill is also interested in a bout and he wants to duke it out with Drake.

In a video posted to social media, the Philly rapper challenged his longtime rival to a fight for $5 million. “I’ll break Drizzy the fuck up for five mill. Of course, I would,” he says.

He also has a proposition for his ex-girlfriend Nicki Minaj: “And we gon’ let Nicki be the ring girl.”

It’s unclear when the original video was made, but it’s said to be from an Instagram Live stream. The clip also makes references to Soulja and Breezy’s feud, which kicked off after the Meek/Nicki breakup.

But that’s not all. Minaj’s ex Safaree is also getting involved. Responding to a social media post about the fight, the “Stunt Daddy” said he’s available to box, too.

“Drake Don’t got time,” he wrote. “but I do.”

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