Mbosso taps Kenya’s Susumila in new love ballad ‘Sonona’

There are some artists from the Kenyan Coast that people have always assumed they are from Tanzania because these two regions have the same sound. One of such artists is Susumila who now has a song out with Mbosso and I bet this will confuse people even more.

Sususmila has featured Mbosso in his new track, ‘Sonona’ which is produced by Moccogenius. Sonona is a fusion of slowed-down chakacha and taarabu, a coming together of the sounds of these two artists.

Mbosso introduces us to the song with his smooth vocals. Susumila then comes through with a new sway to his voice; a little softer and accommodating of the nature of the song, very beautifully. They end the song in a hook where they harmonize their voices and it really sounds like the collabo we never knew was necessary for lovers of these two artists.

Sonona is poetically written, a love letter from a hopeful romantic to a one who might have gotten away. The use of simple and not too layered instrumentation brings a lot of necessary emotion to the song and both Susumila and Mbosso use their voices to intensify this.

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