Mbogi Genje’s Ngumi Mbwegze Takes The Street in ‘Full Degree’ – Watch

Renowned Kenyan Gengetone artists Mbogi Genje have released a new jam dubbed ‘Full Degree’. The jam which takes us right to the streets starts with aerial shots of the group at the heart of the streets with their friends.

‘Full Degree’ was composed by Smady Tings, Militan Govana & Guzman Teddy.

Under the visuals on YouTube, they describe ‘Full Degree as currently one of the best Mbogi Genje 2020 Hardcore jams.

The song produced by hitman Khat and directed by Slambozeer is doing really well on YouTube with over 122,000 views on YouTube in two days.

Meanwhile, Mbogi Genje is one of the fast-rising gengetone groups in the country.

The group enjoys massive following among the young especially in Nairobi where many relate to heir Sheng.

Recently, Mbogi Genje was the subject of discussion online after the Kenya Film and Classification Board CEO Dr. Ezekiel Mutua used their song ‘Kidungi’ while questioning whether Gengetone artists have parents and if they are proud of them for the music they produce.

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