Manchester City Signs Big Bucks Kit Deal with Puma

Manchester City had a deal with Nike, Puma’s rival who produced their kiys for years and that of several other rivals like Chelsea. The contract between Nike and Manchester city is set to expire in the summer of 2019, and while there were reports of possible agreements after negotiations, the Citizens have decided to take a new route with the makers of their kits.

The new deal came after their Premier League rivals Arsenal left Puma to sign a lucrative deal with Adidas at the start of the season. Manchester City now has the second biggest kit deal in the premier league after Manchester United. The club’s executive, Ferran Soriano announced and explained the details of the deal on the club’s website.

He said, “It’s a historic day for us because what we are doing has not been done before, an unprecedented partnership covering five clubs over four continents.“This announcement marks the start of an exciting new chapter for City Football Group.“Our relationship with PUMA, covering five City Football Group clubs across four continents, will reset the model for sports partnerships on a truly global scale whilst being locally relevant and authentic for fans around the world.“PUMA share our vision for challenging expectations, and we are looking forward to what we believe will be a ground-breaking partnership.”

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