JJ Okocha says he’s shocked about court order to arrest him for tax evasion

45-year-old Jay Jay Okocha denies resisting tocome to Court as he did not know he was charged for tax evasion, He stated that he is shocked about the court order to arrest him for tax evasion.

Okocha is faced with a three count charge for failure to furnish his return of income in a case that was taken to court for the first time on the 6th of june 2017 by Dr. Jide Martins, the prosecutor. The Nigerian football legend didn’t show up in court and he has been declared wanted by the court and to be arrested. Okocha came out to give his version of events by revealing that he was not contacted by the prosecutor or the court but has been alerted to the recent development by the media and newspaper.

He said, “I only read about it on the pages of newspapers. No one contacted me. As a citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, I know very well that nobody is above the law. But honestly speaking, I was never contacted by anybody on issues before the court order.”

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