M.I. Abaga looks back at Choc Boyz split in unreleased ‘Brother’ video, Calls Brymo ‘My Brother’!

M.I. Abaga has just shared a 2015 music video for ‘Brother’ featuring Nosa ad he wrote “I shot a video for ‘Brother’ in 2015 and never put it out because so much about the spirit and the message of the song was lost in events that happened during that period.”

“Eventually in the fallout, I was accused of doing things I did not do, and vilified in the media without ever speaking up about it. Needless to say when I released the video I decided against releasing it.

“Because I am not a perfect person and have also wronged others, I have decided to forgive everyone and move past that moment in time.

“So here it is, years after it will even have any meaningful relevance, the video I created hoping that it will heal broken friendships and relationships.

“I guess ironically, it is even more meaningful now.”

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