June’s Soulful Vocals Are Hypnotic

JUNE (an acronym meaning: Just You, Not Everyone), is a Nigerian singer/songwriter based in Lagos,Nigeria . Born Kosisochukwu Nwankwo Joan, June’s music is a creative blend of alternative pop, jazz and indie influences.

June started singing at the young age of five, and trained her voice solely by herself by watching and practicing tips she got from youtube videos.

Her first ever song “A song for you” was originally a very personal song, written specially for her mother’s birthday but she changed her mind and decided to release it and it became a track for moms everywhere.

June’s professional journey started with performing at comedy clubs and lounges, then she started getting more visible and began to perform at bigger venues like Eko hotel and Terra Kulture.

She chose the title “June is a tale” to talk about her journey so far, and chooses to stylize it as “Juneisatale”, because June is the tale, and the tale is what makes June.

This EP is Jane’s debut project and on it, she describes her journey of dealing with self-doubt and building her confidence. She sings about feelings of purposelessness and wanting to give up, of the strenuous fight with mental illnesses and almost wanting to give in. Let’s take a peek at the tracks on the project:

Straight Up

This beautiful short piece is an encouraging anthem to those who feel like they have to fit into some kind of pre-decided mould. To those who feel that they need to look a socially acceptable way to be able to harness their talents. A powerful rendition.

Fly Away

On this track, June sings about wanting to face her demons head on but she’s worried and wants to run away from her problems but after thinking about it she decides she won’t fly away, she’s going to stay and fight


June is all about giving her listeners the ginger to face up to their problems. On this track, she reminds the listeners of their inner strength and that what they’re waiting for others to do for them, they can achieve on their own


This song also sees June taking an encouraging stance but this time it’s to the creatives putting out music. “You go soon hear the song for radio”. She encourages her fellow musicians to neither give up nor rush or falter because their success is coming if they just stick to the grind. She sings about feeling she’ll never make it in music but ultimately, she’s encouraging herself along with the others with her beautiful vocals and soulful tunes.


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