Chuks Profound Is Making Socially Conscious Rap

Chuks Profound is a socially and culturally conscious rapper who weaves intricate yet relatable imagery in his music. If you love being the right kind of woke, Chuks Profound is the artiste you should be bumping. 

The songwriter and singer released his latest body of work ”Before We Proceed” tona welcoming the audience who has been waiting for his return to the foreground of the music scene.

This extended playlist is a five-song faceted display of the different sides of Chuks Profound and his interesting approach to sounds, rap and instrumentals. Each song is wholly different in the most enjoyable and though the songs are so genre-fluid, it still feels like one cohesive project. 

Chuks is especially good at merging and blurring the lines between hip hop and afrobeat/ afro-fusion.

To complete this ep, he collaborates with several Nigerian co-musicians who in their own music have shown that they are equally great at creating music that pleases listeners. Psycho YP, BrisB and Zarion Uti make an appearance on this project and each form an excellent duo with Chuks Profound.

Let us take a quick dive in:

Lowo ft Zarion Uti & Chordratic Beats

This  trio dive straight into the ep with an enthralling fusion of afrobeat, indigenous  street music and hip hop. The song starts out with Chordratic Beats belting off hard verses that show off his lyrical prowess then the song launches into a catchy hook. The rap verses are equally as catchy as the hook and listeners will be pushed to dance to this exciting, high energy beat.

Suwoop ft Psycho YP

Suwoop is a track heavily inspired by the musical arrangement of popular trap music. Teaming up with Psycho YP, who has shown a versatility of his music that is not easily matched, and with Chuks Profound created, they create  a song that will have every rap lover immersed.

Pacman ft BrisB

Chuks Profound and BrisB are stealing girlfriends on this upbeat track so beware. The artistes weave some very vivid imagery of the complicated relationships with a reggae overtones and a good sprinkle of indegenous language.

E Go Be

This track has three elements, Chuks Profound, the mic and his raw honesty.  He takes the listener on a journey about how hard he had to work ro get to his current position. He raps about heavy themes like faith and betrayal and destiny.


This is another song that will probably take Listeners by surprise. The song actively touches on the difficulty of living with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The rapper talks about his difficulty paying  attention in classes and how it was hard to just stay still. However he owns it, he flips the condition from being what held him back to being the sauce that makes him a great artiste.

Faith Beyond Death- A Pop Smoke Album

The Artist Spotlight is on April Maey

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