Is the feud over? AKA sends ‘legend’ Black Coffee some love

Can someone please grab the devil a jacket because it seems hell is about to freeze over.

You don’t need us to tell you that AKA and Black Coffee are not the best of friends. The pair have been feuding for some time now and their beef seemed to reach new levels last week when Black Coffee was caught on camera giving one of AKA’s team members a hot klap!

AKA responded to the incident by labelling the DJ’s actions as ‘ignorant, distasteful and immature’.

So, imagine the surprise when the Baddest rapper took to the Spring Fiesta stage over the weekend to pay tribute to his nemesis.

According to concert goers, AKA stopped his set mid-performance to address his relationship with Black Coffee.

He apparently told fans that he was in a “good space” at the moment and brushed off any drama between the pair by saying that “sh*t happens”.

Referring to Black Coffee as a legend, AKA apparently asked fans to show their appreciation for the artist.

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