Heard that Burnaboy told Stefflon Don they she’d be his ‘wife’ on their first meet in Ghana?

English rapper, singer and Burnaboy’s girlfriend Stefflon Don has spoken on how she met Burna Boy in Ghana.

Stefflon Don in an interview earlier in the year revealed this happened in Ghana. She said she missed her flight while on a trip to Ghana and decided to attend a show where Burna Boy performed.

In her words: “I met him in Ghana. I was in Africa for a show then I missed my flight, he had a show where he performed and I went to the show and the rest is history baby. He told me I was going to be his wife and you know how boys always talk shit, but I didn’t remember he said that but he told me and I was like wow.”

Stefflon Don also said that Burna Boy told her people would soon see her wearing an engagement ring.

Burnaboy in a separate interview has also confirmed the seriousness of their relationship, saying:

“On a more serious note, that’s my wifey. If you wanted a wifey, she’s like the most perfect person with that perfect description. Unfortunately, she’s mine now…”

Stefflon Don will be performing her first gig in Lagos on the 16th of November, 2019 at the Reggae Afrobeats Jamrock powered by Gidigroove and Xchange.NG. This is the prelude to the XChagne100 festival planned for December 20th – 23rd in Lagos, Nigeria.

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