Harmonize Quickly Moves On From Kenya’s Drama, Reconciles with Eric Omondi

Tanzanian singer Harmonize might not be happy with how things played out in Kenya but he’s choosing to put that aside and move on.


The singer, who was in Kenya for the long weekend and had several shows lined up, found himself in murky waters after a club appearance turned into a riot.

Revealers, who had paid Ksh 5,000, rampaged after the singer performed for only two minutes.

Eric Omondi

Having landed in Tanzania, the singer said he has reconciled with comedian Eric Omondi despite the ugly drama that got them booked at Kileleshwa Police Station.

“Still my brother and I love and respect him nobody is perfect in this world, I am cool from my heart,” said Harmonize on social media.

“What happened are just job challenges and in this world, you can’t be happy always we are brothers.”


Harmonize further said that he didn’t punch Omondi while held up in the police station.

“Can you beat someone in a police station? Does that even make sense?” Harmonize retorted.

According to the organizers, Harmonize was to hang out in the club for two hours but only made the brief appearance that led to the uproar.


“Kenyans have to understand the difference between a club appearance, or technical appearance, or a meet-and-greet and an after-party. They are not like a concert. The artist is just there to chill and enjoy himself, nothing much,” said Omondi after the rampage.

“He wasn’t supposed to perform, Harmonize was coming to perform at KICC, they shouldn’t have expected him to perform,” Omondi told reporters on Saturday night, at the sidelines of his Afrika Moja concert hosted at KICC.”

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