Gwyneth Paltrow counter-sues over 2016 skiing accident

Gwyneth Paltrow has counter-sued a retired optometrist who has taken
legal action against her over a 2016 skiing accident. Last month
72-year-old Terry Sanderson sued Paltrow claiming $3.1m [£2.36m] in
damages. He said the actress knocked him down on a ski slope in Utah,
leaving him with a brain injury and broken ribs. Paltrow’s case says
that he was at fault and his lawsuit is an “attempt to exploit her
celebrity and wealth” She is seeking a symbolic $1 in damages. Mr
Sanderson’s lawsuit said the Oscar-winning-actress was skiing “out of
control” when she hit him from behind on a beginner’s slope on 26
February 2016. He said he was pushed into the snow and knocked
unconscious, leaving him with a brain injury, short term memory loss
and four broken ribs. He said he also experienced a personality
change. Paltrow’s 18-page case states that it was Sanderson who struck
her from behind, delivering a “body blow”, he then apologised to her
and assured her that he was not hurt.

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