‘Empire’ vs. ‘Power’: Which TV show is better?

Since early 2015, viewers have drawn comparisons between “Empire” and “Power,” two popular shows with primarily black casts. There was even a feud between the shows’ stars/executive producers over their similarities! Both series are about powerful empires, and continue to reign in the ratings while in their third seasons. But which show is better?

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‘Empire’ vs. ‘Power’: Which TV show is better?



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Here’s the promo for “Empire.” The show’s third season premiered on Sept. 21, and fans are excited about the upcoming season!

“Power” is already in the middle of season three, but if you’re not all caught up then here’s the season’s promo! The show continues to be… well… a powerhouse on cable TV.

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  1. Nelson Reply

    Well in my opinion empire is better because of its good mixture it can unite music fans drama fans but power is also good

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