Drake had a one-night stand then Lady claimed rape and faked pregnancy

Drake needs to be more careful who he is hooking up with, yes?

One hookup resulted in a baby, this particular hook up ended even stranger.

The rapper is suing a woman named Layla Lace, claiming that she attempted to extort him using false claims of pregnancy and rape. He alleges that Lace cooked up a scheme to extract money from him by claiming that he got her pregnant while on his Boy Meets World Tour in February 2017.

Drake says that after his stop in Manchester, England, Lace came back to his hotel and they had consensual sex.

Report say that the lawsuit lays out a “fantasy relationship” constructed by Lace and includes texts allegedly sent between Lace and Drake. Lace went on Instagram shortly after the supposed exchanges and claimed that she was pregnant. In April 2017, Lace went on Sirius XM’s Shade 45 and said that she was pregnant with Drake’s child.

When Drake refused to pay her, she went on to claim that the rapper raped her but he was cleared by the police and she still went on trying to extort him. Now Drake is suing her.

We wait to see how this ends.

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