Davido’s deal with SONY will not alter his beats or lyrics

As part of the information revealed by Davido during his interview with Awazi on the Soundcity Radio, he said his deal with SONY will not alter his beats or lyrics, this means he is allowed to do his kind of songs and decide on the kind of material he is to produce or not produce.

Expect more sizzling hits from Davido. So, it is Naija all the way!

It is not just the song alone but also, Sony deal is solely managed by him. This is because of his confidence to handle most decisions that concern him and his career on his own. Davido’s experimentation with different managers may have something to do with his new Sony deal. According to him, these changes is like a phase for him and also, a kind of re-brand and an opportunity for him to do songs that depicts his person and not songs that only represents a certain standard that doesn’t go down well with him. Hence, the shuffling and constant change in managers.

This is a new wave compared to his counterparts signed by Sony that allows a change to be made to their music especially their beats that takes a different turn from Nigeria influence to a foreign beat.

Full Interview here

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