Carlos Santos says Beyonce can’t Sing then ‘no disrespect meant’

Following Adele’s controversial sweep of the Grammys big three awards (Song, Record, and Album of the Year), the rock legend said Beyoncé lost them on Sunday because she is ‘not a singer.’

In his words, ‘Beyonce is more like modeling kind of music – music to model a dress.’ Ouch!

Remember Adele reportedly broke one of her Grammys in half. Others have also been upset about the award, including Kendrick Lamar whose label CEO confirmed this. The BeyHive came for Carlos right after but now, he has taken to Facebook to “clarify a comment” he made about Beyonce after Sunday’s Grammys. He apologized and said ‘no disrespect meant’.

SO tell us, are you teAM bEYONCE or tEAM aDELE?

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