Watch ‘Ye’ music video by BurnaBoy, Atlantic Records artiste

Burna Boy – the latest Atlantic records artist share video for Ye off his ‘Outside’ album. Burnaboy talks Fader about the video, he said: “Ye is a song that essentially shows the unrelenting nature of Nigerians (where I’m from). We thrive despite the leadership and circumstances. Everyone has big dreams that logically may or may not be achieved; Aspiring to have a Bentley, g-wagon regardless of their current situation. “I can’t come and kill myself” is an expression that means, you can’t dwell on things that aren’t working out or looking good, you only have one life after all.

So the video was just a fun situation, I was trying to show the general idea behind that expression. Always strive to live your life to the fullest, as we hope for a better tomorrow.”

Check on it!

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