“Burna Boy is growing at his pace, within his space…” A Review of ‘Outside’ Album

Review – Outside.

Burna Boy is growing at his pace, within his space and that’s quite a good thing to do. His newest project truly shows what Burna can do, if for anything, versatility. The new album is a beautiful piece of work, a matured Burna with better vocal dexterity and song writing skills.

Heaven’s Gate is a personal favourite and shows what Burna can truly achieve when he teams up with superb artistes, the energy midway on the track shows the vicious rawness from Burna and Lily’s heavenly voice crowns it all. Streets of Africa is playfull, a tribute and a good sing along anytime of the day.

Outside isn’t however far from Burna’s style, it’s what anyone would expect from him. It’s an upgrade from previous efforts and maybe could hit a mere classic status. The thing is, blending Afrobeats, dancehall with sprinkles of hip-hop wouldn’t give a definite answer to the question of if this will become Burna’s best effort.

Notable tracks on the project includes the popular Rock Your Body, More Life, Sekkle Down, PH City Vibration (another tribute, but to Port Harcourt city), Koni Baje and the soul gutting Outside.

Die hard Burna Boy fans will love every bit of this album, it is what they want and they will enjoy it thoroughly. The production is top notch, the direction is absolute and you’ll most likely enjoy it wherever you are; a party, train station, gym, driving or wherever really.

Burna Boy’s Outside is export quality and mad decent. He really should be proud of this masterpiece, his fans too.


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