AKA and DJ Zinhle spend quality time, make it to his ‘AKA World app’

AKA and DJ Zinhle are spending time together and this was seen in a recent video. DJ Zinhle made a brief appearance in the video for AKA’s new app. Supa Mega has launched an app with Vodacom called The AKA World App. The app allows fans to see the world through his eyes and gives them daily access to watch lit content.

In the spirit of promoting his app, AKA posted the app trailer to his Instagram and Twitter page for fans to see, however, there was a greater fuss over Zinhle’s appearance than the app itself.


Did you see it? Zinhle and her flowing locks walking side by side with AKA like nothing even matters? Well, if you didn’t, we’ve got you. This scene is straight out of their recent baecation.


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