Admiral Tibet’s ‘Mr. Reality’ Concert Postponed Following Floods In Jamaica

Admiral Tibet’s “Mr Reality Concert” set to be held at KICC Grounds on Saturday, October 8 has been postponed till further notice following ravaging weather in Jamaica.

In a presser released by Grandpa Dynamic, the singer is said to have had to cancel the show following the rough weather which made it difficult for him to board the aircraft and make it to Kenya in time.


In ST. Catherine’s, Jamaica, severe flooding has made most public services, including transportation, inaccessible.

“We sincerely apologize to the many fans who purchased concert tickets in anticipation of the
event. We also sincerely apologize to all of our partners who generously contributed to this
event,” said Grandpa Dynamics.

“However, we will reveal a new date when Mr. Reality will perform on our stage. We pledge to
fulfill all of our fans’ expectations and are eternally grateful to them.”

The event was set to be an adult event scheduled to begin at 6 pm lasting for 6 hours and featuring a stage performance by the reggae superstar backed by a live band.

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