A-Q doesn’t approve of M.I. Abaga going into the #LooseTalkPodcast ‘den’

Days after the Loose Talk Podcast which featured M.I. Abaga caused a stir on social media, A-Q who was named dropped in the podcast during the conversation and saw a consequent hike in his album sales is speaking up. The long running Nigerian rapper who is appreciative of the shout out seems to disagree with the majority on the M.I. Abaga’s acceptance to have the interview at the PulseNG headquarters and the perceived position the entire situation has put the successful rapper.

Bringing up the Rap Radar interview/podcast featuring Jay-Z, the rapper was of the opinion that the LooseTalk Podcast should have got a similar treatment as well as made his point in defense of one of the host Osagie Osagz Alonge’s widely criticized position.

Listen to A-Q talk about the State of Nigerian Hiphop then listen to the entire podcast where A-Q spoke on his new ‘Blessed Forever’ album and M.I. Abaga situation.

Listen to the entire episode below:

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