Zlatan Ibile in a stand off with Street Urchins

Nigerian rapper of the moment Zlatan was held hostage yesterday by street urchins in Ikeja, Lagos as he refused to part with money. In the video that has surfaced online, the rapper is seen getting confrontational and holding his ground on not giving them money.

The singer who according to reports went for a quick performance at an undisclosed place at Allen Avenue, Ikeja was refused exit out of the area by boys who knew his identity and wanted to get a little bit of the singer’s fortune that would serve as their own share. It seems Zlatan got really upset by the boys’ actions and as a street boy that he once used to be too, decided that he wasn’t going to drop any penny for the entitled young men.

The boys on seeing Zlatan’s reluctance got angered too and decided that it’s either they get something out of Zlatan or he doesn’t leave that area. They were ready to frustrate him by wasting away his time. This then became a battle of who would reconsider and let normalcy thrive. The boys weren’t ready to let go and Zlatan wasn’t ready either. However, after careful re-consideration by Zlatan and his aides, they decided to give in to the demands of the boys. Zlatan gave them an undisclosed amount of money and they finally let him leave.

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