Zahara signs a new Nigerian artist to her record label

In case you missed it: Yes! Zahara has a record label, called Zahara Army. She has even signed her second artist.

Taking to Instagram on Tuesday, the singer announced that an artist by the name Donskillz, from Nigeria has joined Zahara Army.

She gave fans a sneak peek into Donskillz’ music in a clip that she shared.

The world first came to know of Zahara Army in May, when Zahara revealed that she would be offering her helping hand to her three sisters, who formed a gospel music trio a few years ago, to get their music careers off the ground under her record label.

“They are signed under my record label named Zahara Army and I was helping them behind the scenes writing the songs. But I ended up being featured in the single that is due for release soon called ‘Great Is Your Name,'” Zahara told Press.

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