Young Thug’s Fiancee Insists There Will Only Be One Bride at Their Wedding

Jerrika Karlae hops on twitter to clear up recent reports that there will be “two brides” at her wedding with Young Thug.

Jerrika Karlae & Young Thug

Jerrika Karlae & Young Thug

Young Thug added yet another controversial moment to his growing list of them the other week, when a Billboard interview surfaced with the boundary-pushing rapper. Thugger brought back the dress (albeit an entirely new and more elaborate one) for the cover of his JEFFERY album, so none of us were too surprised to find out via Billboard that the trend would continue at his upcoming nuptials with Jerrika Karlae.

During his interview with Billboard, Thug first defended his choice to wear various women’s clothing, saying, “When it comes to swag, there’s no gender involved.” It was also reported that Thug said: “There will be two brides” in reference to his wedding. However Jerrika has hopped on twitter to clear something up after that news went viral: there will not be “two brides” at their wedding. We’re assuming Jerrika wants to lay claim as the one and only bride at her wedding.

The model and fiancee to Young Thug insists that Billboard twisted around Thugger’s words. She wrote, “And billboard magazine totally twisted thugs words…I was there the entire interview never said any of that stuff verbatim,” continuing, “I don’t like how people do interviews and then try to twist his words to make it more juicy…that shouldn’t be legal.”

She added, “Two brides my ASS…funny joke tho.”

See her series of tweets below. We’ll have to wait and see if either Thug or Billboard jump in.

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