You milked anyone new yet? | Ycee goes on Twitter rant, blasts Sony Music executive

Two months shy of the one-year anniversary of his distribution deal with Sony Music Entertainment, ‘Juice’ singer Ycee appears to have gotten out of the partnership less than what he expected.

Ycee – real name Oludemilade Martin Alejo – took to Twitter on Tuesday evening to criticise Michael Ugwu, general manager, Sony Music West Africa.

The livid singer accused Ugwu of milking artistes of their sweat, saying, “Ever wondered why these execs running digital sharing companies live like they signed all the artistes? Cos they eating everyone’s [money]”.

In another tweet, Ycee asked Ugwu, “How’s business? Booming? You milked anyone new lately?”

Ycee lamented that many artistes and stakeholders in the music industry were aware that they are being scammed by the music distribution companies, yet remain mute.

According to the ‘Jagaban’ singer, the distribution companies are “raping” artistes.

“Funny how we all know these niggaz ain’t straight and we just keep quiet… meanwhile they raping us in silence,” he wrote.

“Don’t even know how this dream started and you just wanna reap completely of mans hardwork and sweat? God forbid.”

After Ycee penned the distribution deal with Sony in 2016, Ugwu had said: “Ycee is the future of Hip Hop in Africa and will be front and centre of SME West Africa’s strategy as we take Africa to the World.”

Ycee, who would go on to release the hugely successful ‘Juice’, released his first EP, ‘The First Wave’, under Sony Music.

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