Odumja: When You Are An Upcoming Artiste In Ghana, You Are Been Segregated

Ghanaian Rapper Odumja has a lot to say about Ghana Music Industry, In a recent interview he shared his thoughts on the disheartening situations upcoming acts find themselves in the Industry. To him, Ghana Music Industry has rich talents but because most of the A-List artistes who have had the platform always want to be worshipped rather than using the opportunity they have to help upcoming artistes.

When you are an upcoming artiste at backstage in Ghana you are been segregated. The popular artistes are given a different place to be whiles the upcoming artistes are left somewhere. Even talking to the popular artiste is a problem. They will make you feel like you are not even human, they look down on you like you are nobody, he said.

He indicated that in the UK “when you are at the backstage, all artistes are there. The big boys will even walk up to you and ask about how you are doing and encourage you before you go on the stage. They will come back to you and give their opinion on performance and try their best to stay in touch with you”.

He noted that some popular artistes in Ghana are not considerate with their charges for collaboration with an upcoming artiste; something he thinks must be looked at to afford young musicians to work with their mentors easily.

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