Watch La Même Gang and Kuami Eugene energetic music video for ‘This Year’

La Même Gang after sharing their celebratory song ‘This Year’, last month have quickly followed with the release of an accompanying music video. Kuami Eugene, Darkovibes, $pacely and RJZ’s elated performance over the groovy beat produced by MOG Beatz are brought to life in the energetic Henry Akrong directed video.

‘This Year’ in essence is simply a raw, pure and unadulterated synergy of musical greatness in it’s prime. Following their second studio album ”La Même Tape: Linksters”, ‘This Year’ is a courtesy call to all and sundry that, the La Même Gang is here to stay and continue being front showrunners of Afrobeat to world.

‘This Year’ is also a cryptic inspirational message to all linksters to always break systematic boundaries and keep it moving till they reach the pinnacle of their ambitions.

The video sets Darkovibes, $pacely, RJZ and Kuami Eugene at a beach where they perform for the cameras and a crowd of supporters. Though the video seems to highlight the cordial and spirited atmosphere that follows the La Même Gang wherever they go, it also shows some of the elements from their environments that inspire their sound. Images of surfers, birds, fishers, smiling children, local musicians among other things are clipped into the 3-minute video while Kuami Eugene leads the prayerful ”This year, e go be my year” hook, reminding listeners of the reason their music is loved by everyone.

Watch the music video for La Même Gang and Kuami Eugene’s ‘This Year’:

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