Watch Kiyo dee in ‘Juice’ music video

Born Daniel Agyepong, Kiyo Dee is one fast rising deep seeded artiste who is musically out of order in the sense that, he doesn’t follow trends; he creates trends. Furthermore his subject matters in relation to music are very electrifying, spellbinding and thought provoking. At a very tender age, he was able to identify his passion for music and explored it to the best of his ability. At that age, he had a great sense of writing, therefore he wrote about how he felt growing up, moments, situations in which he found himself and happenings around him in an artistic way. His upbringing was like a parent monitoring a stubborn child, only the child knows the score. He first got in tune with music by producing as a hobby after JHS and as he got in touch with people and the support that came with it climbing up, he evolved till he started rapping in high school. He chose music because of the energy it takes and the unconditional love and passion he has for it. He broke out as an artist when he was in college where he and some couple of friends ended up being in charge of all music affairs during art fairs after they went number 1 on iTunes. This triggered them to form a band called “Hewal3” which united them together to better the music for shows at school, they played every year after till they completed. His ability to be noble and the praise that comes with it, being raised Christian makes him a helper by nature so there’s no way he can take all the credit. That alone makes people appreciate him more, he believes in the favor it brings. Currently he is signed onto Speech Production a Publishing house and a Record label based in Ghana.

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