Wale on Olamide: He’s very, very talented.

Wale in a recent interview about how he has always tried his best to keep in touch with it and his respect for hip-hop rapper and singer, Olamide. Although a rapper and singer in the hip-hop genre, Wale revealed he was largely influenced by some great Nigerian singers like Shina Peters and Fela.

On his relationship with Davido. He said;

I’ve known him for a long time. I think I met him in DC several years ago. We just always stayed in contact with each other. Obviously, Davido is in a different city every two days, maybe another country every two days. We always stay in touch. Any time we’re close, we always link up.

Speaking about Olamide, Wale revealed that the street king is one artiste he looks up to as Olamide in time as proven to him without trying of course that he is the most dynamic writer, at least that is what Wale sees him as. He said;

He’s one of the fastest workers and one of the most dynamic writers I know in any genre. He’s very, very talented. I look up to him a lot in that sense.

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