Video vixen Nicole Nyaba confirms Zinhle and AKA are back together

video vixen Nicole Nyaba spilled major tea on her ‘one time’ romance with rapper A.K.A, After months of denying swirling rumours.

Rumours that Nicole and AKA were romantically involved first surfaced late last year, but they both denied it.

However, Nicole has reportedly confirmed that not only were they in love, but they were also living together in AKA’s pad.

“Kiernan is a nice guy. He is sweet. He opens doors for you, asks if you’re hungry and tells you how beautiful you are when you wake up in the morning. He was an amazing boyfriend. He was constantly making me fall in love with him.”

Nicole revealed that she and AKA apparently started dating a few months ago until the weekend of the Durban July when they had a fight.

She also revealed that Zinhle and AKA are back together, which she believes is the reason for her split from the rapper.

“I asked him if he was with Zinhle and he admitted it,” she told DRUM magazine.

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