Vera Sidika shares an Instagram photo that show she has ‘gone black’

Kenya’s high profile socialite, Vera Sidika, known for her flattering skin lightening and breast augmentation surgery could be back to her default settings.

This is according to a photo shared by the self-styled Queen Vee on Monday, July 8, where she shocked her followers after re-appearing looking darker after a four-day hiatus on her page.

“Never be defined by your past …it was just a lesson, not a life sentence. Feels good to be back!!! Black don’t crack,” declared Sidika.

While this could be a victory for all the “Team Naturals” out there that the infamous beauty has reverted back, it is worth noting that this could be easily achieved with a simple click on Photoshop.

Case in point. On December 9 2018, she shared a photo spotting a similar darker shade while balling in London, United Kingdom.

In that image, Sidika drew attention to her seamless Yel Hair and not her darker skin tone. It took a fan, Joylo Njeri, to draw the parallels.

Wait, there is more.

On the 11th of that same month, she shared another photo. At the time, most of her followers attributed her glossy appearance to makeup.

True to their assertions, subsequent photos by the socialite, until the viral Monday 8 piece, all featured her in the usual classic trademark colour.

The original skin tone was not back! Hence the scepticism to today’s ‘development’ from some of her followers.


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