Ethic Entertainment protest ‘assault’ at Koroga festival

Lamba Lolo hit makers Ethic Entertainment have protested, on social media, the treatment they got at a Koroga Festival.

The group was a headliner in the first day of the 26th edition of Koroga festival.

According to posts on their social media pages, the group says one of its members, Zilla, their driver, their hype man Adrian and their DJ Katta were harassed by security personnel at the event.

Responding to the post, someone who attended the event claims he witnessed the scuffle.

He posted that an altercation ensued between the group and security personnel and one of the group members assaulted a security personnel, prompting a retaliation.

To back up their claim, the group posted a video showing Adrian in a hospital bed.

The group says it will take legal action against the organisers of the Koroga Festival.

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