Vanessa Mdee speaks on why she cried after break-up with Juma Jux

Tanzanian singer Vanessa Mdee has sent out an emotional message just days after news of her break-up with longtime boyfriend Juma Jux went public.

In a series of tweets, Vee Money said that she has always shown how strong she was, but it was time she showed her fans how dejected she was.

She went on to say that she had cried for some time and had even not eaten, cancelled meetings and even locked herself in her house because she felt lonely.

Ms Mdee added that coming out to say what she has been going through the past few days was not because she wanted to be pitied, but to make people understand that everyone goes through highs and lows in life.


“Every day I tell you about how strong I am. Today I’ll tell you about how defeated I feel. I’ve cried for hours, I’ve had nothing to eat (and I love food and there’s plenty available in my house). I’ve cancelled every meeting. I’ve sat in darkness curtains shut… I still feel alone and like shit. This is not a cry for attention, this is for you to understand WE ALL GO THROUGH IT. No shame. You’re allowed to feel everything and be affected by it too… give yourself an allowance. Tomorrow I am going to be back on my bullshit and this will just be a low. Life is filled with highs and lows, sorry If I ever made you feel like I didn’t have these moments and that pressured you into believing that your life wasn’t ‘perfect’. You’re extraordinary. Discomfort is needed for growth. You are loved. Remember that. Happy weekend honey,” she wrote.

Her post comes a few days after her sister Marianne Mdee (Mimi Mars) in an interview disclosed that Vee had parted ways with her boyfriend Juma Jux.

“Mimi ninavyojua hawako pamoja, kulikuwa na issues hapo katikati, sasa ivi ni washikaji tu. Kila nilipomuona Jux,Vanessa alikuwepo. Mimi na perfect hatudate na kama nilivyosema awali mimi siwezi date na mtu famous ama anafanya kazi kama yanyu. Kama kuna kitu kimoja nimejifunza kutoka kwa Vanessa alipokuwa anadate na Jux, nikuwa kule kuexpose relationship yao public inakuwa ni nyinyi na dunia. Kwani hizi taarifa hazikuwa zimewafikia ama? Mbona munanifanyia hivi, mara ati mimi ndo chanzo cha watu kuaachana mara mimi ndo naulizwa, mbona jamani,” said Mimi Mars.

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