Harmonize takes his fans through his life struggles in new jam ‘Never Give Up’

Never Give Up is a true life story of Harmonize. The song outlines all the struggles, challenges and hustles from where he grew up to what he is now…!

Singing was not part of him. His greatest talent was football. He would spend most of his time in the field playing with his fellow friends and village boys. From football, he started having an interest in music and believed in himself since he had the talent.

Coming from an Islamic background, his father was against his interest in music. However, Harmonize chased his dreams and went for music. He has also emotionally asked his father to forgive him for having disobeyed him and followed music life.

His mother would always encourage him to push on. For survival, he used to be a hawker. He would do menial jobs and was almost giving up on life, but his mother kept encouraging him.

“I used to sell water in Tanzania. Even when I started focusing on music bado ilinichukua miaka miwili to create a name for myself. I also worked as a hawker before. At some point, I felt God had not planned I become a musician. There was a time I almost gave up in life, but my mother kept encouraging me to continue pressing on,” he said.


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