Vanessa Mdee Clears The Air Regarding ‘Moyo’ and ‘Sumaku’ Releases

People have been talking about Vanessa Mdee not promoting her song with Jux, Sumaku and it has raised eyebrows with people thinking she is being petty. She however cleared the air when she appeared on The XO Show as part of her media rounds for her new EP and her single Moyo.

The host hit her with the question on whether she was being petty and she was quick to answer that it was not about her but the clash in the release time. Vee agreed that Sumaku the single came first and she wrote Moyo later.

However, her team was ready to release Moyo and there had been no communication on the release date for Sumaku all the while. Jux’s team however, without consulting with Vee decided to release Sumaku’s visuals a week after Moyo was released. This made little sense from a business point for Vanessa to promote the video as she was still promoting Moyo. Therefore this whole situation was a clash in timing and broken communication between the two teams.

Anyway, us here love both songs so, y’all check out Moyo and Sumaku videos on the tube.

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