Understanding The New Instagram Update And Why They Imitated Snapchat

“Now that Instagram will allow their users to create content in a more fun, easy, and recognizable way, it means that Instagram, as a marketing platform, immediately becomes a more important part of your overall social media strategy.”

Instagram just launched “Instagram Stories” to encourage people to share more moments throughout their day. For many people that use Instagram, it has become their photo Hall of Fame, where only the very best of the best are posted.

Now, trying to flip that mentality on its head, Instagram’s latest feature update takes a page directly out of Snapchat’s playbook. Learn what Instagram Stories are, and why it’s a major update for users and marketers to know about:

Instagram Stories are exactly like Snapchat Stories. They even have the same name! As you share multiple photos and videos (including Hyperlapse videos, slow-motion ones, Boomerang snippets, and pre-recorded content), they’ll appear together in a slideshow format. That’s your story.

You can share as much as you want throughout the day (no need to worry about flooding someone’s feed). Stories disappear after 24 hours and won’t appear on your profile grid or in users’ feeds.

The Stories format laces the last 24 hours of 10-second-max photos and videos you’ve shared into a slideshow you can tap to fast-forward through
Everything you post disappears after 1 day
You shoot full-screen in the app or upload things from the last 24 hours of your camera roll (recently added to Snapchat with Memories)
You adorn your photos with drawings, text, emojis and swipeable color filters
You can save your individual Story slides before or after posting them
Your followers voluntarily tap in to pull your Story and view it, instead of it being pushed into a single feed
People can swipe up to reply to your Stories, which are delivered through Instagram Direct private messages
You can see who’s viewed your Story

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