Tyrese didn’t actually secure the 5 million dollar bag from Will Smith

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith didn’t give Tyrese $5 million, despite the star’s claims that they did, according to TMZ.

According to a source, Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith Shoots Down Giving Tyrese $5 Mill Gift While,

Tyrese took to Instagram on Sunday (November 5) to announce that the couple had sent him the generous amount to help with his ongoing legal fees but later on another post, says he’s going broke, still waiting on Smith’s money transfer. However, in his original post, Tyrese claimed that the Smiths’ gesture did come with one request: for him to stay off social media.

50 Cent though, isn’t staying off this gist. The hip-hop veteran went to Instagram Wednesday (November 8) and called out Tyrese for allegedly lying about a $5 million loan.

Former Shady Records artist Stat Quo on Ty;
“So let me get this right, Tyrese. Another man gave you $5 million when you went to begging and you proud of that? Talking about you broke? Was you broke when you put Benihana’s in your backyard or Starbucks in your backyard? Or you bought all that bullsh*t you dumb f*ck? You an embarrassment, man. That’s what you are. A f*cking embarrassment, dog. Out here buying sh*t now you talking about you ain’t got no money, complaining about $13,000 a month. Your buma** was in the Transformers, n*gga. You was in motherf*cking all the Fast & The Furious. They done shot 30 of them h*es my n*gga. You talking about you broke? Get your lame a** out of here. Will, you shouldn’t have gave that n*gga sh*t. You should have let him burn.”

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